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Lila Jameson’s life had been nothing but hard work. Breaking the cycle of working endless jobs, she achieved her goal of owning a bakery with her best friend. That was, until her dreams went up in flames. 




While her beloved bakery was restored after a massive fire, her apartment above was not. She’s left with no money, no car, no place to live. With nowhere to go, she’s forced to accept help from the one person that could both save her, and ruin her. 


Travis Langston spent his life working towards being an officer on the Logan Creek Police Department. The chance of promotion is within his grasp, with the stipulation that he prove he’s dedicated to staying in Logan Creek.


With a murder that rocked the town, and a fake relationship with the only woman he’s ever truly wanted, Travis is at a crossroads about what he really wants out of life. Can he get the promotion and keep the woman he’s falling for?

Paperback - Canadian Fall

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