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Can’t find a date for your company's Christmas party? Rent one!


Hannah Williams loves Christmas, except this year. The lights are dimmer, the songs are sadder, and she feels more like the Grinch than Mrs. Claus.


Forced to go to her company Christmas party, Hannah discovers her ex-boyfriend will also be there—with his fiancée. Showing up to the party and facing him alone is not an option. Scrambling to find a date last minute, she’s forced to do something she thought she would never do—rent a date.


Finding a match on the Rent-A-Date app, Hannah meets Josh Roberts, a down-on-his-luck country singer. Sparks fly as they prepare to convince her ex they are a couple, while not breaking the professional clause of their contract. As an unnamed informant threatens both of their careers because of the circumstances of how they met, Hannah is forced to face her past, while Josh faces losing his future.

Ebook - As You Wish

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